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From one lead footed driver to another, your speeding ticket should be my problem. I love handling traffic and moving violations. I can handle your speeding ticket for you simply and quickly - we can conduct our business over the phone or email and it doesn't even require an in-person meeting. 

"I procrastinated dealing with my parking ticket until two days before my court date. I contacted Stacy via email with pictures of my ticket, and she immediately responded with questions for me and then a quote for her services. The next day she emailed me that my ticket had been reduced, with no points added to my license. The whole process was so fast and easy, her rate was fair, and now my insurance won't go up. Thanks, Stacy!" - Trista, Kansas City

Why would you want an attorney to help you with your speeding ticket? I can try to negotiate it for you so it will be zero points on your license, and thus not affect your insurance rate. This ends up saving you money over the long term. More often than not, all you need to do is pick up the phone, call me, and the rest will be taken care of in a timely manner. 

I contacted Stacy back in July seeking her assistance with a traffic issue that I needed taken care of. Stacy was very responsive to my issue. She always communicated to me what she steps she was taking to get my issue resolved as well as when she was taking those steps. If ever I had any questions, she answered them. What I loved most was that Stacy was always reachable and approachable and for that she will always be on my speed dial for ANY legal issues! -Jennifer, Kansas City, Missouri




In addition to speeding tickets, I enjoy combining my real estate and legal careers by representing landlords and tenants throughout the eviction process. To do this, I work with my brother, Nick Porto, and the Porto Law Firm. We advocate for homeowners throughout Missouri and Kansas in pursuing their rights in the eviction process. As lawyers, Nick and I represent several individuaI homeowners and property management companies and provide comprehensive legal assistance from the beginning all the way through trial for a flat rate.

As an attorney, I make owning investment property even easier for landlords.  After you rent your property, I can handle the property management for homeowners, including tenant screening, lease drafting, and monthly maintenance. If you ever want to sell or buy new property, I can easily help you with that as well.


As part of my practice, I handle docket calls, court appearances, and whatever else other attorneys need, from writing settlement demand letters to a last-minute text asking me to go to court. This allows small firms and attorneys with their own practice to focus on other priorities while letting someone comfortable in court handle their tasks for them. I provide these services on an hourly basis throughout all of Kansas and Missouri. 

I charge a flat rate for most of the legal issues I handle based on an approximate number of court appearances and research involved. Please contact me for a consultation. 

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